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Welcome to the guidance library for the MSP process. Resources are arranged thematically and focused on issues of high importance; including Governance, Climate Action, Ecosystem Approach and Land-Sea Interactions.

Each theme has:

1. An introduction to the topic and an overview of its key principles.

2. Insights into its relevance to MSP and how and where to integrate the topic within the MSP Process.

3. Tools to use by theme or current design stage. You’ll find examples of good practice to follow.

Create a shared vision for future resilience and prosperity in the Mediterranean Sea

Preparing and delivering your marine spatial plan requires a logical, coherent and efficient governance process to achieve the agreed vision for the sustainable development of the coastal and marine zone.
How to best shape the sustainable development of the coastal and marine zone

Use the Ecosystem Approach to shape policy and action

Marine spatial plans must use the Ecosystem Approach as the guiding principle for all policy development and implementation undertaken under the auspices of the UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention system.

Want to introduce healthy marine and coastal ecosystems into your guiding principles for policy and development?

Protect marine ecosystems, resources and coastal communities from climate change

The Mediterranean is a hot spot for climate change, with higher increases in water temperatures than other oceanic areas, and with fundamental implications for biodiversity, essential marine resources, the safety of coastal communities and for ecosystems. Marine spatial plans must play an integral part in dealing with these challenges along with promoting actions to contribute to adaptation and mitigation goals.

Does your MSP plan support climate action?

Protect the environment and support socio-economic empowerment of coastal communities

The incorporation of Land-Sea Interactions (LSI) into the marine spatial planning processes is critical to both the environmental protection of coastal areas as well as the effective development of maritime and coastal economies.

Does your plan include LSI?