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The Climate Action and MSP Planning Tool

The Mediterranean is a hot spot for climate change, with higher increases in water temperatures than other oceanic areas, and with fundamental implications for biodiversity, essential marine resources, the safety of coastal communities and for ecosystems. Marine spatial plans must play an integral part in dealing with these challenges along with promoting actions to contribute to adaptation and mitigation goals.

Use the Climate Action and MSP Planning Tool to support climate change action within your planning, and to make an analysis for a sector and sub-sector. To analyse a second sector and sub-sector, please create a new Climate Action and MSP Planning Tool. There are no limits to the number of tools you can create. 

Please note: the examples provided for different sectors are not exhaustive or definitive in any way. They are meant to inspire you to take specific action using local knowledge and actors in your region.

Use the online planning tool below or download the Microsoft Excel file to your device.

How to Use the Online Tool

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